Advice for parents & guardians

When a child experiences trauma or a difficult circumstance in their childhood, it can be challenging for them to process their feelings or emotions. Consequently, the child may struggle to process their feelings and to heal. As a result of this, the child could hold onto their unresolved feelings into their adolescence and adulthood.

Play Therapy enables a child to heal and repair from any difficult circumstances that they have experienced directly or indirectly. It gives the child the opportunity to use play to communicate their feelings and emotions, without having the pressure of trying to find the words to explain how they feel.

Play Therapy also provides support to children and young people who have not suffered a traumatic or difficult circumstance. It is also available for those with learning, social or behavioural issues. This form of therapy gives children the opportunity to build upon their self-esteem, confidence and concentration.

In previous studies it has been found that children who have experienced difficulties from the beginning of their childhood, for example, a difficult birth or an early illness can impact the children later in life as these difficult experiences have been held within their body.

Therapy provides an individual with the opportunity to look beyond any current behaviour, but to look into the root of the issue.

It can be difficult to decide whether you want your child to attend therapy now or to wait and see how things unfold. Please always remember that when it comes to your child, YOU are the expert.

This is why I offer a free consultation for parents or professionals, either face to face or via telephone to help ease you of any pressures or worries that you may have.

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