My Emotions & Me: First Journal


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My Emotions & Me: First Journal is a fun, helpful, learning journal that was designed to support your child’s understanding of emotions and to build upon their emotional literacy.

This journal was created to be a useful tool for your child to start expressing their feelings in various of ways, such as verbally, physically and creatively. When your child uses their journal either as a family activity or independently, they are creating lifelong skills and supporting their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

(This is journal is beneficial to toddlers, preschool and primary aged children)



My Emotions & Me: First Journal has been designed to give your child an opportunity to learn about different emotions, learn ways of how to show their emotions, along with healthy activities on how to release their emotions. This journal provides a daily emotion check-in for a month. The journal has daily and weekly fun and creative activities that encourage positive self-expression.

I hope that this journal gives your child the opportunity to learn more about themselves but I also hope that it empowers you to learn more about your child and their emotional needs. When it comes to emotions and emotional literacy, this knowledge and skill will support your child to be the happiest and healthiest little person that they can be.

Megan x