Super Stars: Positive Affirmations Keyrings


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Super Stars: Positive Affirmations Keyrings! By Time to PlayNI

Children and Young People are Super Stars!

We all know it, but do they?

Super Stars by Time to PlayNI were designed to support children’s and young people’s self-esteem and confidence.

Positive Affirmations are a powerful tool which help to frame our children’s inner voice and consequently, building upon their love for themselves. When a child says Positive Affirmations atleast once a day, either independently or with others, this will support their mental health and their emotional wellbeing.

They can be useful in ANY environment for children from 1 year+!! By reading positive affirmations with your toddler, child or teenager, this will encourage your child to take time for self-care! It will help them to start thinking positively about themselves and creating more love for themselves also.



Positive Affirmations can help support children who are struggling with anxiety, separation or social anxiety. They also support children who are dealing with a difficult life experience, i.e. a loss, family separation, bullying, nightmares and more!

The Super Stars Keyrings have 30 positive affirmations stars, which a child can read out loud or internally in the comfort of their home, whilst at school or when they are out and about with friends.

100% of Profits will support Children and Young People in Northern Ireland to access Play Therapy