The Time to PlayNI Children’s Daily Journal


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The Time for You Daily Journal for Children (aged 6-12*) is a fun, friendly journal that was designed to support your child’s mental health and wellbeing. This journal was created to inspire your child to start expressing their feelings through writing and drawing. By doing this, your child will be building upon their communicational skills and their confidence!



The Time for You Daily Journal for Children has been designed to give your child an opportunity to reflect upon their feelings each day, for two months. The journal has daily, weekly and end of the month activities along with a free space for them to express themselves creatively.

*  This is only an age guide, when it comes to your child you are the expert! You can decide whether you feel they would benefit better with the children’s version or the Time for You Daily Journal- it’s your choice!

I hope that the Time for You Journal for Children empowers your child with the desire to learn more about themselves, that it builds upon their confidence and self-esteem, whilst also supporting them to be the happiest and healthiest little person that they can be.

Megan x