Understanding Bereavement and Loss

When a family, an adult or a child has experienced a loss it can be a difficult experience to understand and process.

There are 5 stages of Grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

For an individual who is processing and working their way through the stages of their loss, its important that they feel supported, accepted and heard.

Therapeutic Play gives a child or young person the opportunity to express their feelings, no matter which stage of their grief they are in. The child or young person will be able to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions through their play.

Each session will provide a safe and a non-judgemental environment for the child to process, heal and achieve their personal goals. Their goals can be based upon skills, such as being able to verbally express their feelings or it could be to learn more about themselves. Each child or young person will be given the same support and environment that enables them to work through their loss and grief.

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